Assessment of ability to varnish turbine oils

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2020-0-6-28-33

УДК 665.76

Mitin I.V.1, TaturI.R.2, Smirnov K.U.3, Suloev A.M.3

(1JSC «Gaspromneft Moscow Lubricants Plant», 2Russian state University of oil and gas (National research University) named after I.M. Gubkin, Moscow, 3Ltd «International Test Center For Fuel and Lubricants Support», Moscow)

Оценка способности к лакообразованию турбинных масел

Keywords: turbine oils, varnish, antioxidants, remaining useful life, the method of voltammetry, potential for varnish formation, сolloidal systemк, ζ –potential, surfactant, micelle.


The reasons for the formation of varnish deposits of turbine oils are determined. It is shown that the performance of turbine oils is determined by methods of ASTM D7843 (MPC) and ASTM D6971 (RUL) can be assessed, the process of formation of varnish deposits, the level of antioxidant properties, antioxidant content of, amend, and extend the oil change, and to predict critical situation in the operation of turbine equipment. The mechanism of formation of varnish deposits in turbine oils is proposed.