Method for calculating the thrust and specific thrust of a double-flow gas turbine engine based on the results of tests at the laboratory unit «Flame»

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-1-58-64

УДК 662.6/9

Sergeev S.M., Kudriashov V.A., Petrukhin N.V.

(Federal Autonomous Enterprise «The 25th State Research Institute for Himmotology of Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation», Moscow)

Метод расчета тяги и удельной тяги газотурбинного двухконтурного двигателя по результатам испытаний на лабораторной установке «Пламя»

Keywords: double-flow gas turbine engine, fuel, engine thrust, specific thrust, combustion rate, combustion completeness, laboratory unit, process simulation.


The main technical characteristics of jet engines depend on the fuel quality: thrust and fuel consumption. As a rule, the comparative assessment of real engines is carried by specific values.

Specific thrust is one of the most important parameters of the gas turbine engine (GTE). The larger it is, the smaller the required air flow rate through the engine at a given thrust and therefore its dimensions and mass.

To date, a system for evaluating the performance properties of fuels based on qualification methods has been created. However, these methods do not allow calculating the thrust and specific thrust of the engine and potentially assessing the effect of fuels on these characteristics.

Therefore, the issues of efficient use of fuels for GTE are solved almost exclusively on the basis of tests at testing units with full-scale engines, which are carried out repeatedly, which leads to a significant increase in the cost of testing.

The article proposes a method for calculating the thrust and specific thrust of a double-flow gas turbine engine according to the results of tests at a constant volume laboratory unit of bypass type “Flame”. The method is based on modeling the engine operating conditions using the similarity criteria of the bench reactor and the real engine and allows reducing significantly the material and time costs for testing.

The experimental of the combustion characteristics of hydrocarbon fuels and the rated values of their thrust and specific thrust for a double-flow gas turbine engine are presented.