Study of the reactions of interaction of alkylxanthogenates with chlorine derivatives of glycerin and study of lubricating properties of synthesized compounds

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-1-38-43

УДК 547.254+621.892.621.85

Mustafayev N.P., Novotrozhina N.N., Safarova M.R., Musayeva B.I., Gakhramanova G.A.,

Ismayilov I.P., Mustafayeva Y.S.

(Academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of NAS Azerbaijan, Baku)

Изучение реакций взаимодействия алкилксантогенатов с хлорпроизводными глицерина и исследование смазывающих свойств синтезированных соединений

Keyword: аcyclic, cyclic compounds, extreme pressure properties, additives, xanthate, tritiocarbonate.


The reactions of 1-chloropropanediol and 1-chloro-3-alkylcarboxymethyl-propanol-2 with alkylxanthogenates have been studied; mixtures of acyclic, cyclic xanthates and tritiocarbonates are formed. The dependence of the direction of the reaction and, accordingly, the yields of the synthesized compounds on the ratio of reagents and conditions of the experiments was revealed.

The evidence that both acyclic and cyclic compounds are formed in these reactions are spectral (IR) and physicochemical (n_D^20, d_4^20, MRD, elemental composition).

The obtained compounds were investigated as extreme pressure additives to lubricating oils, their effectiveness as extreme pressure additives was revealed.

The high extreme pressure properties of the synthesized compounds are explained by the fact that their molecules contain polar thiocarbonyl (C=S), 1 sulfide (CS) sulfur in xanthates and 2 sulfide sulfur in tritiocarbonates, which are easily adsorbed on the metal surface, forming at high temperatures, protective layer consisting of metal sulfides. Due to the fact that all the obtained compounds are high-sulfur, they do not have antiwear properties, that is, they cause corrosive wear, in order to improve the corrosive properties of oils, the authors have compiled compositions using the antiwear and antioxidant additives DF-11.